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Why choose Junair as a Platform Lift supplier?

What We Do

Junair Spraybooths have worked hard to put together a comprehensive selection of access platforms, including pneumatic, hydraulic and electric platforms. A selection of optional features are available to ensure your platform is perfectly suited to the situation in hand.


Junairs range of access platforms were engineered with safety in mind. The Alfa platform range complies with all aspects of health and safety regulations for both lifting platforms and spray booths and also offers protection against leaks, pinching of hoses, excess weight, collisions and unintential opening of access doors.


Junair’s Alfa platform equipment is designed to enhance the productivity in the working environment. Operatives are able to manoeuvre the platform on 3 axis ensuring that an optimum working position is achieved. Operatives are no longer required to ascend and descend ladders and scaffolding ensuring that productivity is optimised. We are able to tailor a solution that will work for your business and maximise your investment.

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Junair have been supplying spraybooth solutions and ancillary equipment for many years. We are proud to be innovators in our industry. Junair aim to deliver solutions that offer high productivity and performance as well as saving time and energy.
For more information on our award winning spraybooth products and equipment please call our sales team on 01706 363 555, email us your enquiry at sales@junair.co.uk or alternatively click here to complete our contact form.

About Junair Spraybooths

Junair Spraybooths are the UK’s leading manufacturer of spray booth and paint finishing equipment. Junairs range of access platforms are specifically designed for use in spraybooths and on paint lines. The platforms facilitate a faster, safer and easier means of masking, painting and inspecting commercial vehicles, machinery and equipment.

For more information on our Alfa range of access platforms email us at sales@junair.co.uk or contact our experienced sales team on 01706 363 555.